Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break ... St. Petersburg, Florida

It all Started when we were asked to babysit ....

Wednesday Evening 9pm.... What to do? Decide to drive 8 hours to Fla for Spring break. Have we packed - Nope. Have we (or I) done laundry - Nope. Do we have a pet sitter - Not Yet. Do I have  any idea that I need to pack a cooler - Nope. Beach Toys ready - Nope. Wow I better get busy and We plan to leave at 8AM.
Best Way to occupy children and adults. We are only missing 6 states!
We went down to St Petersburg to meet our friends from Charleston since they were going and talked us into joining them. My girlfriend is 9 months pregnant and her husband, a fellow Canadian, didn't mind the extra male support. I cannot express in words how excited I am to take my family on vacation for Spring Break. Something as a child I have always wanted to experience. This is one of the greatest gifts I can give my girls.

And We are off......

Still smiling and 5+ hours into our trip. Here are a few Sights we saw along the way. Even got to stop and stretch our  legs at some of these fine establishments.

It was so exciting to take the girls to some of the same locations we went to just  2 weeks ago for our Babymoon. This trip was dubbed Familymoon. We all really enjoyed the beach, sand and sun. Our friends got there a few short hours before  we did. This is what they told the girls they put up so we could find their location:

How could we not miss them?

My Man - Beach Ready

The Girls

Colton and his Girlfriends

Spring Break Shopping
 Just look at my families lil faces and you can tell a good time was had by all!!

Happy Easter :)
Mr. M, Momma, Lil Miss J, Big Girl H and Shaw Baby
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