Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have Lobster!! Science and Birthdays!!

Good thing there is Lobster on the menu this week. Sebastian is not quite a lobster but he sure is cute and from one of my favorite Disney movies. Today is April 13th and my Dad's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad!! Enjoy the corn beef dinner and ice cream cake (shh that was a secret). April has been a BUSY month so far. I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run, we have  gone on Babymoon #2 to  Tampa, participated in the 3rd grade Science Fair, Completed our Flat Stanley project, Got glasses and Went to the baby doctor. Whew I am tired already.
Tampa~North Reddington Beach
Mr. M and I met in Tampa for a long weekend. 80+ degrees and Sunny, not to mention Spring Break. Every time we saw teenagers you heard "SPRING BREAK WooHoo". I got my first verbal recognition that I was having a baby. While waiting for Mike to land at the airport, I got a mani/pedi. The ladies in the salon were all about the baby!! Yeah special treatment. Every day we did the beach and a Tampa landmark. We ventured out  to The Salvador Dali Museum, Tampa Museum of Art, The Salt Rock Grill, Gators Cafe, Kohr Frozen Custard Family Ice Cream. In the above picture is some of our favorite paintings from Dali, the pirate ship adventure, our sunset at night and other places of interest we visited.

Science Fair Project
3rd Grade is a big deal. We get to do our 1st Science Fair project. Lil Miss J and her friend did this whole project by themselves. They came up with the Problem Statement, Hypothesis, Experimental Design and Conclusion all on their own. Ultimately in the End ~ Girls have a better sense of smell than Boys. They are already looking forward to next year they plan to look at Teeth and how they decompose. The best part is they plan to sacrifice their own teeth from the Tooth Fairy to have materials to test. Does this mean the Tooth Fairy will give them extra for being so diligent in school??

Flat Stanley and New Glasses...
Big Girl H has patiently waiting for her Flat Stanley to return from his trip to Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim's house in Woodville TX. Meaning every day she races to the mailbox to see if he is back, begs me to call and see if they mailed him yet and talks about it non stop. She is 8, that is considered patient right?One side is from Texas with all the animals, friends and family he visited and the other is Jamaica. Mr. M and I went there for Thanksgiving last year. Big Girl H also has on her NEW GLASSES. They look really cute too. She is very proud of them and very careful too. I hope they help her out and make it easier for her to see at school.

We got to hear Baby "S's" heartbeat today. Little Punkin gave me a kick right at the time we started listening. So exciting since I have been feeling the little one move around lately. Our heartbeat was a strong 136. All of these are signs we are having a ~~ come on people I am not going to guess one way or the other. Still sticking with the surprise Go Team Mint Chocolate Chip!! Our baby is the size of a Lobster or an open hand. By the next visit, "S" will move up to my belly button region. Right now we are hanging out just below  the navel.

Stay Tuned... we have many more exciting things to try and do especially with Spring Break, Easter and Summer right around the corner. Up next, we will be somewhere in New York or Washington DC.
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